Top 5 Travel Tips

1.) Notify us before you leave.
  • Simply call 1-800-256-2423 with your travel plans, then we'll take steps to ensure your security. You can also notify us online at
2.) Take more than one credit/debit card.
  • Not all cards are universally accepted and some are declined, even if yours is valid. Plus, they can be lost or stolen.
  • Fraud can happen anywhere & anytime, so having more than one type of payment for back-up is a good idea.
3.) Bring some cash.
  • Cash on hand can be a lifesaver! And you won't have to worry about the transaction being declined due to a debit card block.
4.) Download our mobile app.
  • Manage your cards on the go via our mobile app, NETGo. Turn your cards on and off, transfer funds to other accounts inside or outside NETCU, verify transactions, and so much more! Search for "NETCU Go" in the App Store or on Google Play.
5.) Ask us about our NETCU Pre-Paid Travel Card.
  • Experience the ease and convenience of using a debit card, without the risk of exposing your checking account to possible fraud.
  • With a pre-paid travel card, you can shop at millions of retail locations, including international destinations.
  • Spend only as much as you load.
  • Visit our Gift Cards and Travel Cards page to learn more.