Youth Programs

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Learning to save and manage money is important, and starting the process early helps kids be better equipped to make wise financial decisions in the future. That is why NETCU is proud to present the Dollar Dog Kids Club to members ages 12 and younger. This fun program has reached hundreds of children in our community and is giving them the financial head start they deserve.
Each year, we travel to 8 participating elementary campuses where we present a lesson about money management to the students. Each month, we visit these schools to allow the students to open and make deposits to their own savings account. These special accounts allow the students to experience the habit of saving money, the value of interest, and the responsibility of handling their own finances.
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NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

NETCU has partnered with the National Endowment for Financial Education, or NEFE, to present the High School Financial Planning Program to area students. Currently we have presented the program to 11 school districts in our service area. This 4 week program is taught by members of the credit union staff and community volunteers in the investment and insurance industry.
Every student in provided with a workbook and all teachers from the schools involved get a teacher’s manual. The curriculum meets with state requirements on financial education and is designed to prepare students for real world situations with the hopes that they have the tools needed for successful personal financial management. NETCU volunteers visit the classrooms once a week for 4 weeks, while the teachers continue to cover more of the materials each day.
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CU4Reality Fair

Real Life Financial Simulation for High School Students
CU4Reality is a real life simulation designed to help high school seniors be sure they are ready to take on their own finances. It allows them a place to fail in a safe environment and to practice the skills they need to manage money. NETCU has already seen hundreds of students complete the program.
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