NetGo App FAQ

Does NETCU Offer an app for my smart phone for NET Teller Online Banking?
Yes! You can use our app on either your Apple or Android device.

Where do I find the app?
You can search in either the Apple App Store or the Android Market for “NETCU Go” to find the free app.

Do I need to sign up to use the app?
You must first be a NET Teller user, if you are not currently using NET Teller, please contact member service to get started.

Is there a charge to use the app?
The app itself is free and there is no charge from NETCU to use the app. However, standard data rates may apply through your wireless provider. See your contract for full details.

If I have a smart phone, do I have to use the app?
No, you can simply log in through your web browser if you like. To use the Mobile Deposit product, you will have to log in with the app.

How do I get notifications of transactions on my phone?
On the dashboard, select a card under "Card Management". Tap "Alerts and Protection" and choose the controls you would like to apply to that card.