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How to make the most out of every penny; that is a dilemma we face daily. Here, you will find the tools you need to help make the battle easier. From live webinars, to informational articles about various financial topics, to a streaming radio broadcast; these tools are all available here 24/7 to help you to succeed financially. Don’t see what you need? Submit a question below and we will get back with you individually. Welcome to Money University!

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These informative short videos cover a variety of financial topics and will allow you to learn more about managing your money on YOUR time. Simply log in and get started, all the classes are FREE!! (Classes work great on both PCs and Mobile Devices!)

Financial Counseling

Need one-on-one help to get your finances on track? We are here to help. We will walk you through making a budget, eliminating debt, and learning how to save for those “Big” things in life. Contact your local branch today to get started with one of our certified financial counselors.

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