Member Alert

*Be assured these messages will NOT be used for marketing or advertising messages. They will not be used for individual account information and you should NEVER reply to any message about your account.

If you have questions about the message you receive, give us a call at your local branch.

Signing up is SIMPLE!

What are NETCU Member Alerts?
NETCU Member Alerts are our notification system to let our membership know if there has been a disaster or other situation that may affect their account or access to a branch. 

How do I sign up for Member Alerts?
Simply click on the link above. This will lead you through step by step instructions to enter your mobile number and sign up. It will send you a confirmation text so you will know you are enrolled.

Is there a charge for this service?
NETCU does not charge for this service but standard messaging rates may apply from your wireless provider. Please see your contract for details.

How can I un-enroll?
If you wish to discontinue your alerts, simply text the word STOP back to the number you receive the confirmation text from and you will be removed from the list.

What will these alerts be used for?
These alerts may include weather or emergency branch closings, mass debit card issues, or disaster situation updates. They will never be used for marketing or advertising messages.
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