Getting Started with E-Alerts

All NETCU E-Alerts can be set up by a member service representative during regular open hours or 24/7 through our online banking portal - Net Teller:
  1. If you have not yet received your NET Teller ID or Password, contact a Member Service representative at any one of our branches and request to be set up for NET Teller online banking.
  2. Login to NET Teller using your NET Teller ID and Password.

    NOTE: On your first login, you will be required to answer a few questions that may be used to confirm your identity later. Please take the time to answer these questions correctly for your protection and convenience.
  3. Select the tab for the e.Alerts! as indicated in the graphic below. You will notice an informational message indicating the status of the e.Alerts! system. To use the e.Alerts! system, click “continue” as indicated by the red arrow below.ealerts instructional screenshot
  4. The first time you enter the e.Alerts! page, the only functional options are a button labeled, “Add e.Alerts!” (indicated below by the red circle on the graphic below) and immediately below that; a link to access Frequently Asked Questions.ealerts instructional screenshot
  5. The following screen will display after clicking on the “Add eAlert” button; allowing you to select the e.Alert you’d like to configure for your account(s). After making a selection click the “Continue” button, as is indicated in the graphic below.ealerts instructional screenshot
  6. Select an account to associate the selected e.Alert to, and enter any appropriate data requested. You may even select the amount of information that the e.Alert will provide to the address’ provided. Notice that up to 3 email address’ and 2 cellular address’ can be configured per e.Alert. Check with your cellular provider if you are unsure of your address. After you have entered the information, click on the”Submit” button. You should then be notified when the configured events occur.ealerts instructional screenshot
  7. After setting up e.Alerts!, each configured e.Alert will be be displayed immediately above the “Add e.Alerts!” button. Each entry has options available to edit or delete, as shown below. From this screen you may create new eAlerts for your accounts. Also notice that you have the option of displaying all eAlerts sent within the last 90 days by configuring the date range and clicking on the “Show” button indicated by the lower red arrow below.ealerts instructional screenshot
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