Want to know if your balance is low? How about if your direct deposit has arrived? Now you can! Sign up today for E-Alerts and we will notify you when certain things happen to your account.

Receive either a text message or email when:

  • Direct Deposits Arrive
  • Balance falls below a set amount
  • Large withdrawals are made via debit card
  • Automatic Payments are taken from you account
  • And More!


What are NETCU E-Alerts?
E-Alerts are messages that come to you via email or text message that let you know what is going on with your account. They are messages that you set up and choose to receive to help you manage your money better.
How do I sign up for E-Alerts?
If you are not already a NET Teller user, please contact member service to get started. Log in to NET Teller and choose the e-alerts tab to choose your options and begin receiving messages. If you need step by step setup instructions, you can find them here.
Is there a charge for this service?
NETCU does not charge for this service but standard data or messaging rates may apply from your wireless provider. Please see your contract for details.
What types of alerts can I set?
You can choose to have us notify you if your account falls below a certain balance, when your direct deposits come in, when your loan payments are due and much more! See the full list through NET Teller to see what may be available that will help you.
Can I stop or change the alerts?
You can stop or change your alert settings at any time through your NET Teller account.
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