FIGHT Debit Card Fraud!

Recently, we have seen an increase in debit card fraud. It will take both the credit union and our members working together to protect our cardholders from fraudulent activity. Please take a moment to learn more about how you can take part in Fraud Prevention and best protect yourself and the credit union from debit card fraud.


NETCU Will: 
  • Continue to closely monitor debit card activity for indications of fraud.
Members Should: 
  • Check statements carefully as soon as they are available.


NETCU Will: 
  • Respond to any possible fraudulent activity as quickly as possible.
  • Make efforts to contact any affected members via phone and/or mail as soon as possible. (Note: Card may be captured prior to contact)
Members Should: 
  • Keep all personal information up to date with NETCU, including phone, email and mailing addresses.
  • Contact us if you find any suspicious or fraudulent activity as soon as possible.


  • Capture any compromised cards immediately to prevent fraudulent activity.
Members Should
  • Always carry a second form of payment with you, other than your NETCU debit card. (Examples: Cash, Checks, Credit Card, Gift Card)
  • Sign up for E-Alerts through NET Teller to help you detect unusual activity quickly.