E-Alert Types

Get alerts via text message or email to inform you of activity occurring on your account. You choose the alerts; we keep you informed! Add any of our available e-alerts to your account through your NetTeller online banking, or contact your local NETCU member service representative.

Alert Options Include:

- Low Balance
- Low Available Balance
- Daily Balance
- Courtesy Pay
- Overdraw Transfer
- Insufficient Funds
- Courtesy Pay Changed
- Courtesy Pay Added
- Courtesy Pay Revoked
- Direct Deposit Received
- Automatic Withdrawal
- Pending ACH Transaction
- Large Withdrawal
- Draft Withdrawal
- Share Transfer
- Dividend Rate Change
- Large Debit Card or ATM Transaction
- NET Teller Access
- NET Teller Share Transaction
- Mailing Address Change
- E-mail Address Change
- Regulation D Transaction
- Scheduled Transfer
- Scheduled Transfer Failed