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Platinum Secure Checking logoThe Platinum Secure Checking Account is designed to give members more than just checks and a debit card. This account offers a full package of value added benefits. Learn more about the features listed below.


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* Overdraft Protection is a service for members who maintain both active checking and savings accounts. This service will automatically draw additional funds needed to clear a check written for more than the available balance in a checking account if the funds are available in the savings account.
** Courtesy Pay is a service available to qualified members in which the credit union will cover a check written for more than the available balance in the member’s checking account and then charge the account the amount of the overdraft and the current NSF Fee. The member then has 30 days in which to deposit the amount charged to the account and bring it back to a positive balance. This saves the member the additional fees charged by merchants for returned checks. See your local member service representative to find out if you qualify for this service.

Deposit Rates:

Effective: 12/1/2018

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Keep yourself safe from fraud and loss with the IDProtect® service, included with every Platinum Secure Checking Account. 

Platinum Checking Dividend Rate APY
$1,000.00 Minimum 0.05 0.05

APY refers to Annual Percentage Yield
All rates are subject to change without notice.
Interest accrues daily.