Mobile Banking

Most of the features available to you on our website on your home computer areNet Go logo also available to you on our mobile app – NetGo. Getting set-up and running is easy! Just follow the instructions below, and you’ll be able to manage your account anywhere and anytime.
Download mobile app:
Search for “NETCU Go”  in the App Store or Google Play.

You can do any of the following with the swipe or tap of a button:

- Check Balances

- Deposit Checks 

- View Transaction History

- Find Branch/ATM Locations

- Make Loan Payments | Pay Bills

- Turn Debit Card Off/On or Re-order Card

- Internal/External Transfers | Person-To-Person Transfers

- Connect with Other Institutions or add External Accounts 


Getting Started

  1. If you have not yet received your NET Teller ID or Password, contact a Member Service representative at any one of our branches and request to be set up for NET Teller online banking. 
  2. With your NET Teller ID and Password available, use the "Online Banking" login located on the home page to sign into your online account.
    NOTE: On your first login, you will be required to answer a few questions that may be used to confirm your identity later. Please take the time to answer these questions correctly for your protection and convenience.
  3. Select an account to monitor or select an option on the tabbed menu system. The menu system has a possible 3 layers of options available, menu options displayed on the lower 2 levels are dependent upon the selected item in the menu directly above them. In the uppermost or ‘tabbed’ level, the selected tab is indicated by a darker blue color than the adjoining tabs. In the lower 2 levels, the selected item is indicated by the ‘>>‘ symbol preceding the selected menu item, as is indicated in the circled items below.
  4. Select Options>Mobile Settings>Web Mobile Banking.
  5. Select to enable web access, select to receive/not receive text message alerts, enter in mobile phone number, select provider, select accounts to access via web. Click Submit.
    NOTE: If No is selected for Receive Text Message Alerts, end user will not receive a text message to enrolled mobile phone number for confirmation of enrollment, transfers, or bill payments. At initial enrollment, the first account will already be checked.
  6. Review the enrollment information. Check the box indicating, “I accept these full terms and conditions.” Click “Confirm”.
  7. A confirmation screen will display confirming enrollment. The end user will then receive a confirmation text message that includes the URL to access Mobile Web.
young male holding cellphone
We provide a visual guide on how to use some of the main features of our app.