Q1. I clicked a link and nothing happened. Is the link broken, or is it something on my computer?

A1. Many of our links open into new windows. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, which many ISP’s software (such as AOL) come with, then you will have to allow pop-ups from our site.

Q2. Can I activate or block my Debit card after hours or on the weekend?

A2. Yes, you can. You can activate any Debit card on your account by calling 1-800-411-6390 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your card is lost or stolen, please call 1-800-682-6075 or simply turn off your Debit card via our mobile app, NETGo.
To turn off your debit card with our mobile app, go to: 
Accounts - Checking - Manage Cards - Report Lost or Stolen. 
If there is any unauthorized use, please call 1-800-417-4592. 

Q3. Why is there a hold for a large amount placed on my account when I only bought a few dollars in gas with my debit card?

A3. When you use your debit card without a PIN, the merchant pre-authorizes an amount to make sure that the card is good. This freezes that amount in your account until the transaction settles, which can be 3-4 days. NETCU does not set this amount, and every merchant is different. Some only pre-auth $1.00, while others may pre-auth more. Please keep in mind that while these funds are frozen, you will not have access to them and they will not be taken into account for the clearing of other debits/checks which can lead to NSF and courtesy pay fees.

Q4. Does NETCU Offer an app for my smart phone for NET Teller Online Banking?

A4. Yes! You can use our app, NETGo, on your smartphone and/or tablet device. Just search for “NETCU Go” in the App Store or Google Play.

Q5. Do I need to sign up to use the app?

A5. You must first be a NET Teller user. If you are not currently using NET Teller, please contact member service to get started. Inside NET Teller, click on the Options menu and choose Mobile Settings. Click on Web Mobile Settings and enter the required information to Enable web access for your mobile device. If you need assistance, please contact member service.

Q6. Is there a charge to use the app?

A6. The app itself is free and there is no charge from NETCU to use the app. However, standard data rates may apply through your wireless provider. See your contract for full details.

Q7. What types of transactions can I do through the app?

A7. You can do most of the same transactions as you normally would in NET Teller, with a few restrictions. You can make a transfer, but can’t set up an auto transfer. To have full functionality, you will need to log in through your browser. The app is designed to give you quick access to our most used functions. You can use the apps to make mobile deposits, turn your debit card off/on, initiate internal or external transfer, and more!

Q8. If I have a smart phone, do I have to use the app?

A8. No, you can simply log in through your web browser if you like. To use the Mobile Deposit product, you will have to log in with the app.

Q9. Can I use the app from more than one device for the same account?

A9. Yes, once you have enabled your web access in your settings you can log in from any mobile device that has the app.
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Staying connected with your money is important to your financial success. Simply choose your technology of choice, and NETCU will show you how to get connected.